Change is coming to Atlantic County.

Atlantic County, in cooperation with The Atlantic County Improvement Authority, is partnering with AngelouEconomics to develop an economic action plan – a road map to an enhanced business environment and stronger tax base.

Together, they will identify the unique assets of the county and begin to leverage those assets to improve the local economy and overall quality of life. Likewise, the AE team and county leaders will identify important challenges in the area and the actions necessary to overcome those issues.


The purpose of this initiative is to broaden and diversify Atlantic County’s economic base, which has been predominantly driven by the casino gaming industry for nearly 40 years. The economic development plan will identify steps the county will take now and over the next 10 years to restructure and diversify industries and become a competitive player in global markets.

The process begins with discussions with stakeholders in the county through interviews, topical forums and online surveys. AE will include conduct a market analysis of the area, an identification of target industries and deliver a three-tiered strategic plan that identifies goals, strategies and actions. The plan will also include an implementation matrix that identifies who will perform each action and a set timeline.

Ultimately, the Atlantic County Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan will obtain the following results:

[list type=”ul” style=”5″]High quality jobs and capital investment^Stronger existing industry clusters and the growth of new industries^Continued success and expansion of existing businesses^A more supportive environment for entrepreneurs and small businesses^A more diverse, resilient economy, including a stronger tax base^An improved quality of life for local citizens^A sense of place and pride[/list]