We’ve welcomed the renewed interest in private development in Atlantic City the last several years. That’s a major positive indicator for state and local efforts to stabilize and restore a lynchpin of the regional economy. New proposals for redevelopment of Bader Field are another such sign.


It’s nearing two decades since the city quit using Bader for an airport, but three unsolicited proposals for it are barely a start of the process of forming and carrying out a plan for the city’s largest available tract. All three are concepts and promises from those who hope to become the chosen redeveloper of its 141 acres. Each has its advantages as well as unappealing aspects and potential problems.


The earliest of the current crop was DEEM Enterprises’ $2.7 billion car-centric development. It would aim to attract hundreds of wealthy residents and thousands of middle-class residents, who theoretically could pay a major share of property taxes in the city. Read more from The Press of Atlantic City.