The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA), in partnership with the Office of the Governor of New Jersey, is working to develop programs and resources to support New Jersey’s business community during the COVID-19 outbreak. They need your help today on two initiatives:


We’re seeking information from small-to-medium enterprise owners and leaders to inform the development of new programs and initiatives to support organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Take the survey by clicking here.


The State is building a centralized resource to match talent with opportunities in industries on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The first crucial step is to gather details on employers’ immediate hiring needs. We’ve built an intake tool for employers to share this information which can be directly accessed here.

You can find more information on intake process on the State’s COVID-19 Business Information Hub.

The NJEDA is starting the roll-out of this new tool with critical industries like grocery stores, shipping and logistics, healthcare, janitorial services, and warehousing, but over time they will expand to work with all industries that need to tap extra deep into New Jersey’s best-in-class talent pool during this extraordinary time.

The goal is to post employment opportunities as early as this weekend.

Thank you in advance for helping us on these efforts. We appreciate the challenges facing our community and are eager to deliver meaningful support.  As always, if businesses have questions about how the COVID-19 outbreak, they are encouraged to visit the State’s COVID-19 Business Information Portal: