The New Jersey Business Coalition, of which the Greater Atlantic City Chamber is one of more than 100 leading business and nonprofit groups throughout the state, issued the following statement calling for the safe reopening of all New Jersey businesses that currently remain closed.

The New Jersey Business Coalition is pleased to see movement toward the reopening of New Jersey’s casinos on July 2. The casinos are a significant economic driver of New Jersey’s economy and our tourism industry.

With our public health data continuing to trend in the right direction, we expect that other indoor activity businesses will also be given the green light to begin opening at limited capacity within the same time-frames.

The thousands of Main Street and small businesses that remain closed under EO 107 can no longer withstand the loss of ongoing revenue and must be given the opportunity to reopen, as long as they can do so in a responsible manner.

These businesses and nonprofits are deserving of the chance to show they are capable of exercising the same safety precaution protocols that are being used by other reopened businesses.