The Greater Atlantic City Chamber is a member of the New Jersey Business Coalition, which is comprised of over 100 state-wide business associations advocating for the safe reopening of New Jersey’s business community by lending its voice and expertise to a successful economic recovery.

The letter to Governor Murphy highlighted the following:

  1. We need visibility to a comprehensive plan to know how the easing of COVID-19 restrictions will proceed so that our businesses can anticipate their operational and workforce needs now;
  2. We requested that your administration revisit and revise past Executive Orders (EOs) that are no longer necessary or potentially contradict existing EOs.
  3. And to be best prepared to put our workforce back to work as soon as practicable, we need immediate strategies and support for targeted upskilling and reskilling efforts to prepare our displaced workers for jobs requiring new and higher-level skills, as well as to ensure currently unemployed workers are prepared to fill open job positions that exist today, especially in high-demand industries.

Read the full letter here.