Dr. Barbara Gaba, President, Atlantic Cape Community College- 

At our Mays Landing campus, we have established two new career and technical programs in cybersecurity and esports. These programs are aligned with New Jersey’s Technology & Innovation Collaborative and are identified as fields with excellent growth potential in the region.

Our cybersecurity program falls under our computer information systems degree. This is one of the highest-demand fields in the United States as cybercrime has been on the rise. It has also been identified as a sector with high growth potential for the region.

For esports, we are working with local and national businesses to develop Atlantic City as an industry hub. The esports academic program will provide two career tracks. The first is the development of an esports option within the business administration degree program. This curriculum will include esports-specific content along with fundamental courses, such as accounting, marketing and management. The other track is in the game design and development option housed in our computer programming department. Read More.