There is no shortage of styles, designs, and looks when it comes to giving your kitchen, bathroom, or powder room a fresh new look. But where to begin and what works best in your space can make the job of renovating a kitchen and updating a bathroom or powder room a daunting task.

There is a much better path to getting that new and updated look to your home, minus the stress. Oasis Showrooms by APR Supply Co. in Pleasantville is the place where all those renovation ideas in your head can come together to reflect your own personal style and personality. Oasis Showrooms Design Consultant Suzanne Cross has more than 25 years of experience in the kitchen and bath design field. Most recently, she has been assisting clients from around Atlantic and Cape May counties to find the look that works best for their space and their budget from the new Oasis Showroom in Pleasantville.

“The best thing about my job is the process of sitting down with clients and taking their ideas and turning them into the kitchen or bathrooms of their dreams,” said Suzanne Cross. “I find it best to focus in and really listen to the customers and what they have to say about their home and their preferences.”

It all starts with taking the time and creating a plan. According to Suzanne Cross, “We want each client to be happy and love the look of their new space, and that starts with allowing enough time to bring together what works best. Making an appointment with the design consultant is the first step in a positive direction. Suzanne said, “I want to give every client my undivided attention. When they call to book an appointment with me, I want them to know they will never be rushed. Of course, how long it takes will depend on the size of the project, but on average, clients should plan on about 45 minutes to sit down and plan their kitchen or bathroom.”

Make a plan for your visit to Oasis Showrooms. Clients should bring in whatever inspires the look they want. Load up that wish list or Pinterest board, and bring in fabric swatches, floor samples, and magazines. “People want their space to be special, and they want it fresh and up to date,” said Suzanne Cross. “With all of the shows on renovation and design, clients have lots of ideas of what they might like. I listen to everything, and then I help guide them and help them to make the best decision for their home, their space, and their budget.”

There are so many decisions that go into the mix once a client decides to change the look of their kitchen. Cross said they will need to choose a countertop, and that means the choice of granite, marble, quartz, or other. As a design consultant, Cross has to be up on all the latest trends not only in style but performance.

Is marble better than granite, or should the owner choose quartz? Each material has its strong points, and Cross said it is important to talk about the budget as well as durability, ease of cleaning, heat resistance, and stain resistance. “What will it look like in the kitchen, not just in a slab, is important. Will it bother the customer if they see the seams on the countertop? Those are important questions when choosing the countertop that will be a focal point in their home for years to come,” added Cross.

The sink fixtures that serve an important function in every kitchen can also be a trendy fashion statement. Brushed nickel, antique brass, copper, and even black are fashionable faucets. “Clients can get a little anxious with so many choices, and here is where having a design consultant can make the whole process of creating the home look the client wants a much more pleasant experience for them,” said Cross. “Here at Oasis Showrooms, I am constantly reviewing the trade magazines and working with sales representatives from all of the manufacturers. I am looking at what the latest trends are in flooring, backsplashes, lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets, hardware, shower doors, tubs, sinks, and literally everything that will give that kitchen or bathroom a whole new look; we will work together to find the perfect fit.”

Clients need to do their homework as well. When they book their appointment with the design consultant, they will need to have the floor plan and measurements of the room or rooms being renovated. They will also need to advise the consultant of any restrictions or special circumstances that need to be considered when designing the new space.

Cross said once they have made the choices, she will create a 3-D rendering of what the new space will look like. Forget the angst when planning your renovation; choosing items for your home should be a fun and creative experience.  Oasis Kitchen and Bath Showrooms by APR Supply Co. are inviting spaces where you can research, design and dream – then relax; the design consultants will work with each client to identify the right items for their individual taste and budget. They can also coordinate with your plumbing contractor, builder, and designer on everything from measurements and compatibility to delivery and billing. They have HVAC and plumbing supply connections as well.

For more information, visit or call Suzanne Cross to make an appointment at their Pleasantville office, located at 755 W. Delilah Rd. or call 609-541-2703.