Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City and Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) will host the first sanctioned esports skill-based wagering event in the United States, in person on Saturday March 19 and Sunday, March 20. Hosted exclusively on EEG’s LANDuel platform, the Madden NFL 22 tournament will feature 256 players in a double elimination format.

For the first time ever, participants will be permitted to wager on themselves in each round. Players competing in the event will create a LANDuel account. Once they are assigned to a PC, they will begin tournament play. Within the tournament, players will be able to place bets on their own matches as they try to make their way to the finals.

In addition, the event will feature a dedicated set of PCs for non-tournament participants to compete in matches on LANDuel, which gives eligible spectators and casino guests the opportunity to side-wager on their own matches outside of the official tournament.

The tournament event space at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City will include a showcase stage with spectator seating.