In New Jersey, Ørsted has been approved by the New Jersey BPU to develop two windfarms – Ocean Wind 1, which is developed in partnership with PSEG and Ocean Wind 2. Between these two projects, Ørsted is bringing significant economic investment to the state – totaling over $1.5 billion, which is expected to spur $5 billion in economic activity to NJ.

Ørsted has proposed building an Operations and Maintenance Facility in Atlantic City that will be a hub for maintenance operations for offshore wind projects – it will house offices, serve as a warehouse and be a homebase for technicians who will be transported directly to the Ocean Wind 1 and 2 turbines out at sea.

The Chamber supports the project as it is reflective of Ørsted’s commitment to the revitalization of Atlantic City – helping to further diversify the city’s workplace offerings and continuing to foster the city’s future workforce – in an area the city designated for redevelopment.

The offshore wind industry as a whole is sure to drive economic development in New Jersey – creating jobs and attracting other businesses and industries to Atlantic City and the greater Atlantic County region. For example, Ørsted’s commitment to NJ enabled Atlantic Cape Community College to apply for and receive a $3 million grant to construct its wind safety facility in Atlantic City.

Businesses looking to support and further complement this new, but rapidly growing industry will look to Atlantic City and the surrounding region as a place to settle, develop and flourish.

Ørsted is steadfast in their dedication to both the training and hiring of union and local workers where possible – adding to the viability Atlantic City and broader Atlantic County region where these employees will undoubtedly settle and reside.

By the end of this decade, it is anticipated that the O&M facility alone will help create more than 100 full-time employee positions. Offshore wind creates many opportunities for Atlantic City, the greater Atlantic County region and our state – and on behalf of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce, I am happy to offer our support to Ørsted and this proposed project.