When Mark Ganter planned to open Little Water Distillery more than six years ago, he had a plan in mind.

Little Water would be a liquor manufacturer first and then offer a tasting room so people could do tours and sample the product. The latter concept was just a bonus to Ganter, who says the manpower needed to handle that side of the business is already taxing.

That was fine, though. It’s what he and his late brother, Eric, planned when they started producing whiskey in December 2016 and opened the building at 807 Baltic Ave. in Atlantic City four months later.

Now, even as there is a real possibility for more options to his business model, Ganter doesn’t know if it’ll be worth it to take advantage of some new freedoms.

In February, Gov. Phil Murphy held a roundtable during which he proposed modernizing the state’s liquor license laws. Read more from The Press of Atlantic City.